Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My valuable body love a lot of water

How much water do we need?

Water is lost from the body during breathing, in the urine, the feces and through sweating. To replace the amount of water lost daily, a normal, healthy and usually active adult in a temperate climate requires about three liters of water a day. In hot climates, slightly more water may be needed.

The amount of water needed by the body depends on these factors:
  • How active a person is – a person who plays sports or carries out physical labor need more water.
  • How healthy a person is – some diseases, for example, diabetes, causes sufferers to pass much more urine, so they need more water than healthy people do.
  • The environmental conditions – people living in hot and dry climates need more water than those living in temperate climates. However, people who have lived in hot conditions for a long time become adapted to these conditions and therefore need less water than those who have not adapted to hot conditions.

In conclusion, the amount of water that is needed by a person depends on his/her activities and the person healthy, as well as on the environmental conditions. Because water is extremely important to life, we need to drink at least eight glasses to fulfill our water need in a day.

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