Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Summary of Narrative Text

Summary of Narrative Text


A narrative is a piece of writing that tells a story.
The story can be imaginary or based on a real incident. A narrative always deals with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.

The communicative purpose of narrative text:
1. To tell a story about something or someone.
2. To amuse or entertain the readers or listeners.

The examples of narrative texts:
1. Short stories
2. folk tales
3. legends
4. myths
5. fables
6. novels
7. cartoon strips
8. picture books

The text organization
  1. Orientation sets the scene (where and when the story happen) and introduces the participants of the story (who and what is involved in the story).
  2. Complication tells the beginning of the problem which leads to the crisis (climax) of the main participants.
  3. Resolution provides solution to the problem either in a happy ending or in a sad (tragic) ending.
  4. Re-orientation (optional) gives a closing remark to the story. It consists of a moral lesson or advice.
  5. Sometimes,

Saturday, June 30, 2012


Predicator and Predicates

A sentence can be divided into referring expressions and one predicator.
The predicator describes the state or process in which the referring expressions are involved.
a) The boat sank
“sank” is the predicator in “The boat sank” and describes the process involving “the boat”
b) The cat is in the garden
“in” is the predicator in “The cat is in the garden” and describes the state involving “the cat” and “the garden”
c) Sarah is hungry
“hungry” is the predicator in “Sarah is hungry” and describes the state involving “Sarah”

The predicators can be various parts of speech:
1. Adjectives: hungry, blue
2. Verbs: read, walk, love
3. Prepositions: in, beside, behide
4. Nouns: house, town
Word of other parts of speech, such as conjunctions (and, but, or) and articles (the, a) cannot serve as predicators in sentence.

Predicate is any word (or sequence of words) which (in a given single sense) can function as the predicator of a sentence.
Hungry, in, love, house are all predicates.
And, or, but, not are not prediates.

Predicator and Predicate
Look at this sentence below!