Thursday, May 03, 2012

How to Calculate MA of Pulleys

How to Calculate MA of Simple Machine of Pulleys

The effort needed to lift a load can be halved by using two pulleys: one fixed and the other moving. A single rope is passed over these pulleys. One end of which is fixed while the other end is attached to the effort. If the pulleys are frictionless, the tension in the rope remains the same in its entire length.

As seen from the (free body diagrams), the effort (E) is equal to the tension (T) in the rope. Tension in two rope segments balances the load (W).
E = T and W = 2T

Mechanical Advantage (MA) is the ratio of load overcome to effort applied. In this case,
MA = W/E = 2T/T = 2

Play this movie to know well about Mechanical Advantage of pulley:

By looping more ropes around more pulleys we can continue to increase the mechanical advantage.
Learn this image!

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