Monday, August 22, 2011

Mosquito likes flying over black object

Why do mosquitoes prefer to fly over black object?

Actually, mosquitoes can not see well, mosquitoes like to fly above the black object because of the characteristic of black color, and the heat sensor of mosquitoes.

The black color absorbs more heat
In black color, all the spectrum of light absorbed, therefore the energy of radiation received in a black color becomes larger as we get the spectrum of light absorbed. In contrast, the white color reflects all the spectrum of light so that the effect is cooler. Certainly not only black color can absorb all the spectrum of light, but all the dark colors for example dark red, but the best heat absorber is black color.

Mosquitoes have very good heat receptors. Mosquito receptors exist in the lower of its abdomen. These receptors function as sensors of temperature and humidity. The receptors are able to distinguish the heat emitted by various objects. The heat will attract mosquitoes. Dark objects (especially black) are usually easy to absorb heat, but also easy to radiate heat that would attract mosquitoes.

Well, that's the reasons why mosquitoes prefer to fly over bodies with black or dark color.


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